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Understanding Rude People

Understanding rude people can be difficult in many ways. Now, how can you tackle this major obstacle in life and overcome it?

What causes people to be rude?  Honestly, there are many things which cause rudeness.  For instance, people can be rude because of financial difficulties (the economy to be more specific), heart breaks due to a horrible relationship or violations and the like.  But sometimes it can be for petty reasons such as an incapability of accepting feedback or instruction.  Also this is called corrective criticism.  Seriously, people can become offended when someone in authority is giving corrective criticism, which can cause many to be rude.  Why?  It is because we live in a day and hour people do not want to accept correction (especially from those who have authority) which can lead to insubordination.  As such, understanding rude people can be extremely difficult because there are multiple reasons as I have mentioned above.  In order to understand rudeness we have to bring this issue in life into perspective.

            First of all, I want to focus on insubordination.  Insubordination is not acknowledging those in authority and rule.  Just recently, I knew a man who was my best friend that went to church with me.  This man had great potential and a good heart.  Consequently, this man would not acknowledge those who had authority.  Sure, the man had great intentions in life; nevertheless, he was an insubordinate.  It is sad to say that now this man today in 2009 is no longer my best friend.  Why?  It was because I found him to be a rude person and he would not accept any correction.

            Second of all, besides insubordination; financial difficulties can cause many to be rude.  Just recently, our economy last year was struck in such a way, that people became fearful.  In other words, people began to worry about the stock market and the job cut crisis.  Moreover, the stock market lost more than 50% of its revenue, which was something quite similar to the Great Depression that took place in 1929.  Because of many financial difficulties I found out as a Service Clerk at Walgreens, a vast majority of customers are rude.  In a sense I do not blame them; but you should not respond according to the way you feel.  That can be dangerous!            

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