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What to Do When The Past Comes Back to Haunt You

At one time you may have blocked out memories of a traumatic experience, but lately they have come back to the forefront of your mind. What to do about those repressed memories?

Sometimes we recall times in our lives based on things we eat, smell, or even medicines that we take.  We thought we had completely forgotten about a sad or painful experience in our lives only for it to come back again.  We question, “Why now?”  We even go around asking people about certain events hoping they will bring us peace about a situation.  This sometimes leads to only further frustration and anger since these people don’t want to be reminded of bad experiences.  So how do we deal with repressed memories?

I have personally found that denying things ever happened does nothing more than make you feel like you are going out of your mind.  Its not like the repressed memories will go back into hiding especially if there are constant reminders that keep them active.  Rather, taking the time to go through each detail of the event between fits of tears, nervousness, and anxiety has helped.  I have had pen and paper ready to write down events, what I feel, what I did, what I wish I did, and why now it is no longer important.  I find myself listing reasons why I am grateful that I am no longer around that particular person and why my life is much better without he or she.

You may find that you are not ready to think deeply or address your repressed memories head on and that is okay.  However, in time you will want to confront them like you would a person causing trouble in your life.  You will need to find your peace in your mental storm.  For some people, it is better for them not to ponder on events and so they go on with life.  They don’t act like it never happened, they just don’t choose to dwell on them.  Too much thinking on anything can leave one with a headache–I know.  Give your mind a rest and come back to the memory if you don’t feel at peace.

People deal with repressed memories in a variety of ways.  There are those who choose not to talk about them and keep them buried within.  This may work if it isn’t affecting any other part of their life.  While others need “to get some things off their chests,” these are the people who will talk about everything that is bothering them with others.  Some find peace while others walk away feeling even worse.  Not everyone is ready to face the truth of the past.  Not everyone will deal with events in a logical and mature way– that’s reality!

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