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What to Do When There is Nothing Else to Do During The Summer -

Most people can’t wait until summer until they realize that there is nothing to do! Well, here are some suggestions on what anyone could do. Enjoy!

   I am quite sure that most of you would tell your parents that you are bored and want something to do, but they would say something like “Well, start cleaning”. And I can guarentee that every single one of you do not want to spend your summer cleaning all day long. So cleaning is out of the question here.

  The first thing you can do is find a day during the summer when you have nothing planned. During that whole day, here is what you can do. Take a blindfold and put it on first thing when you wake up. See how long throughout the day you can last before you have to take it off. Try to challenge yourself, and this can be quite ammusing. Experience a day through the eyes of a blind man!

   Here is another thing you can do. Most people may say that they can’t draw. Others say that the only thing they can draw are stick figures. Am I wrong? Is it difficult to draw a stick figure? No, it’s not that difficult. So, make yourself a stick figure comic! Grab some kind of paper along with a pencil and sit down somewhere to draw. Make a creative action story of some sort or see what else you can come up with using stick figures.

   The last thing I can recommend for you to do is watch some kind of animation like Bleach, but I can’t guarentee that every one of you that read this likes anime. But, if you do, there is a good site for watching anime called I think this is a farely decent way to let time pass by.

   Well, besides sleeping, there is nothing else I can think up for you (unless you want to take your parents advice and work). Time flies by fast if you are actually doing something instead of laying around like a lazy bum! :)

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