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Why Do Genius People Do Drugs?

Here are some great thinkers, artists, musicians, and they never openly admit drug use, that’s no secret. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at a young age, admitted to LSD. Sigmund Freud and Thomas Edison are once cocaine.

Why do Genius people do drugs?

A scientific study of the relationship between drug use and talent revealed.

Tend from the 1958 National Child Development Study data with researchers with a high IQ children to drugs in the future, reported use.

James White, the lead researcher, maybe it’s the ability to make decisions related, he said. Children with high IQ level eating a healthy, active lifestyle, and rarely smoked. Science approach as a healthy lifestyle.

“Cigarettes or have documented that the effects of drug addiction on the contrary, to maximize the impact of cannabis use is not known, not often,” he said.

Experts evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa offers a different explanation.

Kanazawa, a new environment than most people are better able to face the new situation as a genius. In this case, to identify new elements by consistently brilliant response to the drug, is to try to explain why it works.

“More intelligent people are more likely and evolution, because they rely on the consumption of alcohol as something new hypothesis states that have tried,” she said.

Send a talented children from environmental pressure and isolation, because it is a drug, she says. So most people of “different” feel to deal with the reality of the need for new experiences and to find ways.

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