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Why Do People Have to be So Hard Headed?

Just some more thoughts.

Why do people have to be so hard headed?
Everybody is hard headed and it makes me sick.
What can we do to change the way things are going?
Should we even try to change things?
Or should we just let things be?
We can’t do nothing about government like 2pac said ” they don’t give a fuck about us.”
It’s not Obama’s fault.
It’s the Tea Party that’s fucking up everything.
I can’t believe they’re still making a big deal about health care.
I think if you don’t like our country you should get out or shut up.
Quit complaining about things you can’t change!
We didn’t like Bush, you don’t like Obama let’s leave it at that.
It’s always an agree to disagree thing.
Nobody is completely satisfied.
I hope my dad gets to go to the Philippines.
I’m just tired of me not ever having nothing.
What am I saying I’ve got a lot of things?
I wish people would get their head out of their ass.
Do we want America to fall apart or do we want America to rise above other nations?
If so we have to think about everybody not just some people.
I shouldn’t assume anything.

Liked it
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