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Why NOT to Use Rat Poison

Ever wonder what happens to all the rats that eat that “helpful” green stuff?

OK, there is one great reason not to use rat poison. I’m not going to rant my opinion, just give you the facts. Rat poison contains chemicals known as anticoagulants. Their effect is simple, kill the rat. The way they do this though, is what you may not like. The rat is a scavenger, so if it eats something, and it doesn’t die, it will continue eating it. ALOT of it. Massive toxic doses of 4-hydroxycoumarin or 4-hydroxythiacoumarin and indandione anticoagulants cause damage to tiny blood vessels (capillaries), increasing their permeability, (weakness) causing internal bleeding. These effects are gradual, developing over several days, but claims that they are painless are unfounded: in humans both warfarin poisoning and hemophilia commonly cause moderate to severe pain from bleeding into muscles and joints. Also, besides the pain factor that may be there, the fact that the inside of the rat is turning into Mush should be incentive enough not to use it. Since rat poisoning takes several days to kill the rat, it’s going to be hiding out while it is dying. And where is their hideout? In your walls. So think hard, do you really want dead rats in your walls, where you cant get to them, and they will rot? I know I don’t. –Insert opinion part: If you use rat poison, you are a very cruel person. It does not matter what kind of animal you are doing it to, even  if it as filthy as a rat. Nothing should have to suffer from it’s innards being turned into a blood slushie. –End opinion– If you want to get rid of rats or mice in a more humane way, buy a mousetrap. That breaks the neck of the rodent, killing it instantly. I know, the prospect of pulling a dead mouse out of a trap is disgusting, but it’s worth it in many ways. Besides, would you rather have to deal with rats in your walls, or rats in a trap? You choose.

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