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Wolf’s War

Inspired by an away event for Dagorhir that happen in February. Wolf and part of his team went to visit the Way of the Sword guys in West Palm for an Invasion event.

       Looking out onto the empty field he begins to examine the terrain for the best place to fight. He then looks over at his weapons deciding what weapon would work the best against the opposing team. Then he looks at his team of three and grins.  Then he looks at the opposing team of 20 or more and smiles. “This so doesn’t seem fair”. He states. He reaches down and picks up his great sword gripping it with determination and walks onto the battle field with his team. With the odds stacked against them they took their time and fought smart against the other team. After several long battles it finally they were victorious only losing one team member. He and his team stood their ground without fear. That day they proved to all that were there they are the best at what they do and the best team even if they are missing the other team members.

Liked it
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