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Worth Gold: The Hot Company of Michael Phelps

Until a few days ago Michael Phelps was the center focus of worldwide interest. But now, after hanging up the suit and left the pool to win, you can begin to deal with much more important issues like the blonde bikini model waiting to spend time with him the day after retirement. We also suddenly came on pensions.

You can be out in recent days to hear the name Michael Phelps. Yes, he has won more medals in most countries, smashed every record possible and left behind a legacy that no athlete is not expected to recover in the foreseeable future. But Phelps announced the retirement from that moment on became much more interest to historians. Who became really important now is actually the woman’s side which currently Phelps: Megan Rossi.

After finishing a very promising career as a college football player in Arkansas, continued Rossi (25) modeling career which is quite open to suggestions: sports, underwear, swimwear, everything goes except nudity. A little disappointing, but we’ve learned not to say no to life. Olympic pool on the island, however, lived to see the blonde cheerleader friend enthusiastically way to another medal.

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Really sad part of this story for us is that Russia is about to leave on a long trip with Phelps unemployed worldwide. We would prefer to stay here and we recognize it a little better, but we rely on our friends the paparazzi industry, they will not let her go too long.

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