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Who Pays for First Lady’s Fabulous Fashions?

by Vanity Press News in People, July 31, 2014

Who pays for first lady’s fabulous fashions?

Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey in Surprise Wedding

by Vanity Press News in People, July 28, 2014

Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey In Surprise Wedding.

Bed Wetting Problem and Products That Solve Them

by Abigailwoodward in People, July 15, 2014

Bed Wetting Problem And Products That Solve Them.

Money Makeovers for Women

by VaughnBryan in People, July 15, 2014

My real passion and commitment is to the longings and yearnings of your heart and soul. I want you to live the life you were meant to live. I use money as a gateway to the soul. It is energy, a vehicle that can disempower us or empower us in so many ways. I want to support you in becoming completely free and independent and living from your innate power and aliveness.Today, the vast majority of women in North America believe they are unable to stand solidly on their own two feet when it comes to their financial lives.

20 Signs You’re Success

by Riyanpisces in People, July 14, 2014

Every one of us feel like failures on occasion. Although this can be a normal sensation, you have to find a method to see your self along with your lifestyle from your various standpoint. Occasionally we ignore the “little points. ” Just because you aren’t the millionaire, don’t are in the estate, and you also don’t drive the elegant car, which doesn’t imply you’re an inability. In reality, it’s very the on the contrary.

Prisoner Released by Mistake Because He Had The Same Name as an Inmate Who Was Due to Get Out

by erlymags10 in People, July 14, 2014

What a fateful day if the real criminal haven’t captured back.Lucky is that criminal who will experience few years of freedom.

Six Ways to Support Another Woman

by VaughnBryan in People, July 13, 2014

Keep it real. Stop the gossip and the back stabbing. Do not burn bridges. One of the best quotes I have heard recently is " do not step on someone else’s toes, you never know if they will be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow". Be real by any means necessary, even if you do not agree.Every Thursday, I have been glued to the hit television show, “The Apprentice". It is drama at it”s finest, except there is something that is painful for me to watch as a woman. When the show began the women dominated and worked together as a team.

When The Bloom is Off The Retirement Rose – What Then?

by ThomasAngel in People, July 12, 2014

When the Bloom Is Off the Retirement Rose – What Then?

No Veteran Left Behind

by Writer Shirley Lopez in People, July 10, 2014

Time for Politicians to think "Boots on the Ground"
Large Hospitals Need A Veteran’s Wing
Direct Speech for All Politicians
College Students with Loans for Volunteers
Student Volunteers Needed
Americans Stand-Up Let Your Voices Be Heard.

Oculus Vr Announces Inaugural Developer Conference “Oculus Connect”

by tech digi news in People, July 9, 2014

Virtual reality pioneer VR Oculus Oculus announced Monday Connect, a developer conference designed to provide engineers, designers and creative minds from around the world under one roof to share and collaborate in the interest of virtual reality.

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