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31 Killed in Mexican Prison Riot

Mexican authorities reported 31 prisoners died in the riots that occurred in prison. This occurred in a prison riot Altamira, Tamaulipas, known as the drug cartel operations.

Riots occurred among the prisoners who use guns made ​​knives, on Wednesday, January 4 yesterday. The new keeper managed to control the situation after the riots lasted several hours.

“In addition to killing 31 prisoners, this incident also led to 13 other prisoners were injured,” said Mexican authorities told the Associated Press, Thursday (01/05/2012).

Police still do not know what the exact cause of this unrest. But they suspect it is not separated from the role of drug cartels operating in Tamaulipas.

The group is known to control the drug cartels smuggling routes along the Mexican border with the United States (U.S.). Often, competition between cartel spread up into the prison, in which members of the cartel also builds strength.

In the Tamaulipas prison riot is not the first time that happened. October last year, 20 prisoners were reportedly killed in the riots. While in July, 17 detainees were also reportedly killed in prison riot preformance Ciudad Juarez.

More than 46 thousand people have died in Mexico in the fight against drug cartels launched by President Felipe Calderon since 2006. Until now, the cartels still continue to provide fierce resistance against government forces.

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