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93% of Our Children Know Their Molesters

That means the parents know them as well. we have got to do better. Sometimes a child is speaking to you without saying a single word.

Coaches, Teachers, Preachers, Priest…so many people that parents trust with the kids. That is why it is sooooooo important for parents to talk and LISTEN to their kids daily. Ask them about their day. Watch their behavior and report anything suspicious. If the school doesnt act go to the police. I do know for a fact that the police wil send you back to the school and tell yo to report it to the school police…It happened when I was a foster mom. But I demanded a report be taken. I didnt allow them to turn me away. A parent has to be the childs voice. They have no one else to do it for them

Over 56,000 cases of child sexual abuse were reported and substantiated in 2007.

As many as one in three girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood.

In as many as 93% of child sexual abuse cases, the child knows the person that commits the abuse.

Most perpetrators are acquaintances, but as many as 47% are family or extended family.

Approximately 30% of cases are reported to authorities. These are SAD facts……only 30% reported….Abusers are bullies…We have got to LISTEN to the children….

Facts about Sex Offenders

Let us see how much we know-and see how much of what we think has been based on the myths we have all heard about sexual assault and sex offenders. Take 5 minutes to complete the True or False Quiz: 

Most men who commit sexual offenses do not know their victim.  False. 90% of child victims know their offender, with almost half of the offenders being a family member. Of sexual assaults against people age 12 and up, approximately 80% of the victims know the offender.

Most sexual assaults are committed by someone of the same race as the victim.  True. Most sexual assaults are committed by someone of the same race as the victim. An exception to this is that people who commit sexual assault against Native Americans are usually not Native American (American Indians and Crime, 1999).

Most child sexual abusers use physical force or threat to gain compliance from their victims.  False. In the majority of cases, abusers gain access to their victims through deception and enticement, seldom using force. Abuse typically occurs within a long-term, ongoing relationship between the offender and victim and escalates over time.

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