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A Profile of Mary Bell

Infamous child murderer, Mary Bell served her time and is now a living legend in true crime stories. This profile of Mary Bell highlights the child, the killer and the supposedly rehabilitated adult.

Born Mary Flora Bell in Tyne, England the little girl never had a chance at a healthy, adjusted life. She was born of a prostitute named Betty McCrickett who didn’t know who Mary’s biological father truly was, although she did mary a man named Bell and gave the girl his name. The fatherly figure Mary briefly had in her life was a convict who was also rarely in the home. 

Mary Bell was an emotionally disturbed child from the very beginning, and was a chronic bedwetter even at the age of 11 when she was arrested for the murder of two young boys. In fact, her bedwetting was openly ridiculed by her abusive prostitute of a mother, and the older woman often physically rubbed the young child’s face in the soiled bedding before hanging it out publicly for others to see as it dried. This was only a fraction of the abuse young Mary Bell suffered, although Mary didn’t speak of the abuse much. Her mother was not only a prostitute, but a professional dominatrix who specialized in bondage and discipline. It is not precisely known for a fact as to whether or not Mary Bell was molested during visits with her mother, but it has been insinuated repeatedly by both Mary and those who defend her horrendous acts. In fact, Mary Bell self-published a distasteful memoir recounting the murders she committed and claimed that her mother had pimped her out for hours at a time as a young child. It is unknown as to whether or not Mary is telling the truth, however, as sociopaths often exhibit pathological inabilities to tell the truth. 

The Evolution of Violence in Mary Bell

Although Mary wasn’t technically caught for her acts until she was 11 years old, her penchant for violence and torture began at a much younger age. Several times during her primary school years she had gotten into trouble for strangling children who were much younger and smaller than she was. She was a relentless bully, in fact.

Murder #1

When Mary Bell was 10-years old, a day before her eleventh birthday, she partook in a grisly act that would begin her spiral into true crime infamy. 4-year old Martin Brown was discovered on the floor of a boarded up building not even an hour after he was reported missing from his family’s flat. During that time, Mary was reported seen in the area, leaving the boarded up area. When young Martin was discovered the cause of death was unknown, and the investigation remained open for quite some time. Mary had gotten away with murder. 

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