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Al Capone: Psychological Portrait of The Godfather

Traditionally, criminals remain unknown to the general public and their names are familiar only to law enforcement agents and professional criminologists. At the same time, there are some criminals which gained notoriety due to their crimes.

As a rule, criminals that committed the most terrible crimes became familiar to the public because their crimes shocked people and attracted the attention of media and entire society. In this respect, Al Capone may be enlisted into the cohort of the most notorious criminals of the 20th century. However, unlike many other criminals, Al Capone was a very controversial person because, in spite of all his crimes, there were many people who really admired him and perceived him as a positive person. Nevertheless, such a view of Al Capone was apparently erroneous because it is hardly possible to find one more criminal who was responsible for so many crimes. He was one of the first criminals who had managed to establish a real criminal empire with the help of which he could terrorize civilians and he actually challenged the official authorities since his power grew stronger to the extent that he could even attempt to take control of the mayoralty in Cicero and Chicago. In a way, he was a genius, though he was a criminal genius, who, in spite of all his efforts, was sent to prison that was a just punishment for his crimes. Such an ending of his criminal career was very symbolic because it proved that American authorities did control the situation in the country and they debunked the myth about almighty criminals. In such a situation, it is very important to study the life and work of Al Capone since it helps to better understand the criminal world, its principles and weak points as well as causes of crimes and the formation of organized crime. This knowledge can help consistently contemporary law enforcement agencies to cope with crime, decrease the crime rates and prevent the formation of organized crime on the state or even federal level.

Alphonse Capone was a son of immigrants from Italy, Gabriele and Teresina Capone. He was born on January 17, 1899 (Kobler, 2003, p.13). Capone family had nine children and basically could be referred to as a low-income family since the father of Al Capone, Gabriele worked as a barber in Brooklyn. However, originally, they arrived to Canada from Italy and it is only later they moved to the US in search of a better life for them and their children. Nevertheless, while working as a barber and having nine children, Gabriele Capone and his wife, Teresina Capone could not afford the high standards of life. As a result, their children lived in a poverty stricken-environment and they did not receive a lot of attention from the part of their parents who were mainly concerned on earning money to feed their children. As the parents were focused on the surviving of the family, children, including Al Capone, did not have enough of parental care that could be one of the reasons for the development of criminal inclinations in Al Capone.

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