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Casey Anthony Acquitted

Casey Anthony was acquitted on 3 counts( 1st degree murder, child abuse, murder).

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Casey Anthony was acquitted in 3 out of 7 counts in the trial for the death of two year Caylee Anthony who disappeared in June, 2008. This verdict comes on the heels of weeks of trials and massive “media assassination” to put it in the words of the defense.

Casey Anthony lied and partied for 30 days before reporting her missing daughter to law enforcement. This lack of maternal instinct led many to belief that Casey was guilty of murder. However, a court of law is interested solely in evidence and proof, not sentiments and probability.

Caylee Anthony, who died about three years ago, was believed to be murdered with the use of chloroform. The Anthony defense claimed the child drowned but offered no reason for the cover up, the lies or the fact that Caylee was duct-taped and thrown in the woods to rot. The defense simply rebutted all claims of guilt while claiming that Caylee drowned and proceeded to throw Casey Anthony’s family under the bus with claims of child molestation.

The prosecutor, working with an entirely circumstantial case, claimed that Casey Anthony killed her daughter to allow her live the life that she wanted. They stated instances of her going to parties two days after her daughters disappearance and talking of Caylee in the past tense. While their case had alot of emotional value, it lacked substantial evidence.

The trial gained mass media followings from coverage by Nancy Grace who consistently claimed that Casey Anthony was guilty. Her show seemed riddled with like minded people who shared her sentiments. Despite all her talking points, Nancy failed to ask a question that many feel is relevant: Who is Caylee Anthony’s father?

The jury however, felt that Casey was not involved in any way with the death of Caylee Anthony and a replacement juror said that there simply was no evidence to show how Caylee died.

While people are more than welcome to have their own opinions, the only opinions that count are those of the jury who unanimously acquitted Casey of all involvement in her daughters disappearance and death.

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