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Chapo Guzman Gains Control Violence Decreases

Chapo Guzman gains control violence decreases.

The U.S. agency Stratfor analysis attributed the relative decline in violence that has occurred in cities like Tijuana and Juarez won control at both locations by the Cartel Sinaloa , which adds a report yesterday, buying favors and corruption authorities over the expansion of the killings.

“In northwestern Mexico, specifically in the states of Baja California, Baja California and Chihuahua (and much of Sonora), the Federation of Sinaloacontrols directly or regularly uses the smuggling corridors and entry points United States, “says the document. ”The security situation in the places under the firm control of Sinaloahave been relatively stable.In fact, while Sinaloa close control over Tijuana, violence has decreased, and hope to see the same dynamic in Juarez while Sinaloaconsolidates its control over this city.

Stability, however, may be threatened if ‘Los Zetas’ trying to put pressure on the cities controlled by Sinaloa , “the statement said. In the report , entitled “Polarization and sustained violence in the cartel war in Mexico,” the company identifies cartels to Sinaloa and Los Zetas as the two predominant groups in the country and asserts that both use different forms of the strategy of “silver or lead” to control territory. In that sense, says Stratfor, while the Zetas “prefer brutality, “the Cartel Sinaloa trading privileges. ”The leadership of the Federation ofSinaloa used more often the first (the ’silver’), preferring to buy and corrupt to achieve their goals. Often also provides information and intelligence to the authorities and through that uses them as a weapon against rival cartels, “says the report . ” Sinaloa certainly can and should resort to ruthless violence, but violence that employs is only one of many tools at their disposal, but not the preferred tactic, “he adds. Stratfor is a company based in Austin, Texas, which distributes information and analysis on world conflicts. For years has monitored the development of violence in Mexico attributed to the different organizations dispute over control of drug trafficking and periodically generates reports which describe the state in which each group is Mexican. In his analysis of yesterday as it has done since at least 2011, Stratfor insists that the organization of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes Juárez-based “is not even a shadow of what was a decade ago,” which is cornered by the Cartel of Sinaloa and this weakness, he says, has contributed to a decline in violence in this border. ”Vicente Carrillo’s organization, or Juarez Cartel, continues to weaken. An element of Sinaloa killed one of his lieutenants, Francisco Vicente Carrillo Castillo, member of the family Carrillo-in September 2011. This organization, reportedly maintains control of the three main ports of entry in El Paso, but there has been unable to expand their operations or large-scale drug move through their places because it is cornered by Sinaloa , which seems have eroded the monopoly on Juarez Carrillo, “says Stratfor. ”The organization of the Carrillo is but a shadow of what was a decade ago, and its weakness and its inability to effectively combat the progress of the cartel of Sinaloa on Juarez have contributed to a lower death rate in Juarez in 2011, “he adds. At the end of the report , Stratfor has a forecast for 2012, which asserts that the only way the government can reduce violence is to allow only one cartels to maintain control over the country, or through a truce between the Zetas and Sinaloa , which, however, the agency considered unlikely given the high degree of rivalry and distrust that have shown the two organizations. ”The only way in which the Mexican government can reduce violence to levels that can be considered acceptable is allowing a group to become the dominant throughout the country, which does not seem plausible in the short term, or some sort of truce between the two cartels hegemonic : Sinaloaand Los Zetas, “he says. ”It is unlikely that such a truce is negotiated in 2012, but expect to see more rhetoric in favor of such an agreement as a way to reduce violence,” it added. 

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