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Colombian Child Sex Tourism, Total Decadence

Colombian child sex tourism, total decadence.

Some of them are indigenous and exotic objects sold to tourists and less used by dozens of men in prisons, in a single day.

For example, it is known that girls Zenúes in Sucre, are offered by community members to be abused at the weekend in Tolu and Covenas.
In Medellín and Cucuta are sold on the street and are available in Internet cafes or videos of naked children having sex with adults. Interested customers can contact the child leaving the movie to have sex. In Cali, child pornography is related to sex tourism.

In towns like Malambo (Atlántico), adult women buy boys for sexual purposes, while in Medellin, Sabanagrande and Soledad (Atlántico) are marketed for homosexual encounters.

Pimps, in turn, are girls, sometimes under threat of illegal groups in refugee camps in the bush, where they spend several days pleasing fronts. Virgin prefer to avoid illness. In cities like Medellín taxes require them to ‘work’.

It is also common to see mothers explicitly offer their daughters for sexual services with their neighbors, hiding behind the lack of money and even indulge in less than one adult for one month, so that he and male family members are ‘treated’ sexually.

The researchers took to the streets and interviewed children who are victims of this scourge in Soledad, Malambo and Sabanagrande (Atlantic); Malagana and Arjona (Bolivar); Quibdó (Chocó), Monteria (Cordoba); Sincelejo (Sucre), Medellín, Cali and Cúcuta.

In these populations found more than 2,000 children, ages 9 to 18 who are victims of prostitution, pornography, trafficking and sexual tourism, servile marriages and abuse of illegal groups, among others.

These children are part of the 35,000 young are sexually exploited in the country, according to figures from UNICEF. The study, to be published soon, found that poverty, forced displacement and child labor (2′500 .000 is less than working, according to ICBF) have made in recent years the entry of children to exploitation networks.

Added to this is the minimum age to consent voluntarily Colombia sexual activity with another person is 14 years, which will in many cases that the exploiters and abusers to evade its responsibility, and that the Penal Code punish the pimp, but not the abuser.

Other businesses

It is common, too, that children who sell sex have been abused physically or sexually abused in their homes. Therefore, it is so easy for an adult to convince a child to be exploited. In fact, the study found that in some cities, people buy their goods to children who sell candy in the streets for sex.

The same applies to small waste collecting marketplaces and slaughterhouses, where traders and transporters swap the possibility of leaving them by caresses collect food and sex. Sometimes the mother herself is what makes the ‘business’.

Also Sunday, a day of visits in prisons, children posing as relatives of inmates to be used sexually by inmates or help pay a debt of a prisoner with his body.

Sex tourism does not let up. In large cities, according to research, there is complicity of taxi drivers, hotel workers and managers to provide legal brothels children to tourists. Some even have lists of phone numbers of minors and in other cases they themselves give away phones to be in contact.

The study also found the phenomenon of trafficking in six of the 11 villages, where children go to cities like Santa Marta, Cartagena, and St. Kitts and Caracas (Venezuela) to be sold to the highest bidder.

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