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Consequences of a Felony Conviction

What happens to your life after you get a felony Conviction as a minor nearing adulthood.

Being convicted of a Felony is a very serious situation that carries with it inherently life changing consequences.  Although being convicted of a Felony may not change one’s life immediately, there are many unforeseen consequences later on in life.  Some of these consequences include: suspended or restricted driver’s license, loss of the privilege to vote, many employment opportunities lost (Police Force, Sheriff’s Office, all branches of military, and various other places of employment depending on the exact nature of the felony).  Other consequences include lose of the privilege to possess or transport stun weapons, explosives, or concealed weapons.  By extension, any place of employment that requires the use of a firearm, stun weapons, or explosives becomes unavailable to a convicted felon.  If convicted of a felony as a minor, the felon cannot legally acquire a weapon until the age of 29.  If convicted of a violent felony, the felon will not be eligible to participate in drug court related treatment for ten years.  Residence in public housing can also be banned if a juvenile is convicted of a felony.  Depending on the felon’s unique situation, sometimes deportation can be enforced and the felon can be sent back to their home country if deemed appropriate.  Conviction of a felony as a juvenile can also make the felon ineligible to be a foster parent and adopt a child.  This is by no means a completely exhaustive list of every single possible consequence of a felony conviction; however, it touches upon the most commonly occurring consequences that may occur immediately after conviction and further down the road of one’s life.

A felony conviction remains on one’s record for the rest of their life.  It causes many hardships and inconveniences that a regular law abiding citizen does not have to deal with.  Employment opportunities are lost, restrictions limiting many aspects of one’s life are forever altered, and people who know of your felony record do not look at you the same way.  Felony convictions only have negative, long-term consequences.  There is absolutely no up-side to a felony conviction.  Felony convictions can only make a difficult life even more challenging and limit one’s potential for success. 

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