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Crime and Poverty Levels in The Inner Cities of The United States

How crime and poverty are connected to each other.

                   Crime and Poverty levels in the Inner Cities


                Crime and poverty are two characteristics in the larger Inner Cities of the world that go together hand in hand. But which one creates the other? Is it poverty that draws crime to the city or is it crime that cause the poverty? Because when there is poverty in a neighborhood people are most likely to rob a person or a store so that they can eat and have a roof over their heads. But also when there is a lot of crime in a neighborhood it causes a franchises and businesses to not want to open there. This in turn stops people from getting an opportunity to get a job and improve their lives.

When someone commits a crime, and they get caught, they automatically go into a database of criminals. As soon as they are put into that system their lives are changed forever. Once they are in the system they will always be in there. So when they get out of court and/or jail they are in trouble. Because when they try to find a decent job the person who is going to hire them will look at the record and see that he/she was arrested. And that person is not going to want to hire a person who committed a crime to work for their company. This will happen every time that person tries to find a good paying job.  So instead that person will have to get some low paying job with long hours and hard work. They might get into construction where there is no benefit which means that if they get hurt on the job sight they will have to pay for it themselves. And also if they are injured then they won’t be able to work meaning they can’t pay the bills and might have to leave their house and go onto the street. So pretty much once you commit a crime then your odds of having a good life a very slim to none.

            Even if that person gets away with the crime then they will probably think that they will be able to do it again. So they will go out later and try to do it again and again. Then they will try to do bigger crimes that they can get more money from but that when the consequences start to get higher than the prize. Because they bigger the crime then the more time they will have serve if they get caught. So, instead of just a small crime in which they get a slap on the wrists and walk away, they are now doing huge crimes that will land them in jail and take away time that they will never get back.

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