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Criminal Masterminds Book Written by Charlotte Greig. {This is About Mafia Godmothers}

Book review: Criminal Masterminds by Charlotte Greig. Women’s Lib. gone a-wry? Mafia Divas!This is about the Mafia Godmothers that were in control of Crime Syndicates.

The Mafia Divas or Godmothers (Madrinas’.)google

In 1911, women were becoming the head of the mafia families usually because their husbands had been killed. The Godmothers of the Mafia not only were directing operations, but they also were doing the killings. Some of the Godmothers were Maria and Teresa Zappia who led the “Ndrangheta”, which was a Calabrian crime syndicate. Others were Concetta Scalisi, and Popetta(little doll) Maresca. Maresca was so violent that she had to be guarded by four prison guards at all times . 

In addition, lets not forget Bonnie of (Bonnie and Clyde) who was originally a member of the Barrow Gang. Although she was not the head of the gang, she became quite famous with her partner Clyde. Bonnie was violent, and loved the cameras. But her vanity could not compare with the most vein Diva of all, Eminia Giulano.

The most vien

Erminia Giuliano was head of the Mafia families of Sicily. She was an Italian wife and mother. Erminia came into a position of power because so many of her male relatives were imprisoned or killed in the feuds between the Mafia families. She became head of the Comorra, which were Mafia families in and around Naples. She was ruthless and rated in the top 30 most wanted in Italy. She went on the run from the police for ten months. Giuiliano made headlines because she refused to be escorted to Pozzuoli Jail untill she took a shower, changed clothes,and called a beautcian to come to her house to do her make-up and fix her hair. They nick named her Celeste(Heavenly).

How did the Mafia change when women were involved?google

When the women in the Mafia thought their children were in danger because of the gang violence, they would turn in their husbands and brothers to the police. They would also turn in the menfolk to escape from their violent marriages.

The Mafia Divas’ had experience in the underworld from being with their relatives in the Mafia. They took their rolls to a higher level by taking charge and proving they could be as violent and cruel as their husbands and brothers. Sometimes they did revenge killings to advenge the murder of their relatives. The Mafia Divas give women’s Lib a whole new meaningThey were liberated from the gangsters that were previously in charge, but that kind of freedom only brought them to the same end as their male Maphia members.

Criminal Masterminds, Evil geniuses of the underworld, by Charlotte

I really enjoyed the book. It was very interesting and well written. These are just parts of a few of the stories that are written in the book. Criminal Masterminds tells about Charles Manson, Timothy McVeigh, Bonnie and Clyde, Ronnie Biggs, Anthony”Fats” Pino, and Osama bin Laden, and many more. I would highly recommend it.

Liked it
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