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Current/contemporary Issues That Affect Criminal Justice Policy

Again current issues that affect criminal justice policy for one is the economy. Needed supplies and staff are unattainable without a sustainable budget to work with. Needed funding for to pay fro more staff to staff the prisons isn’t available.

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     Prisons are actually closing or combining efforts with other prisons setting off the numbers for increased overcrowding and poor staffing.  Poor staffing equals increased number violent situations within the prison.  It is difficult to supervise the cells~ if there aren’t the staff to perform the job.  Also the incentives aren’t there which include bonuses and raises for staff that already do the job.

     Globalization needs to be considered because of all the transnational crimes that are being committed.  No longer are crimes just on our local streets~ they are everywhere including our streets.  The communication between criminals is vast and wide.  So communication among officers and criminal justice staff need to be just as powerful capturing people who are doing wrong in the world.  Computers inside police cars need to work instead of using radios to communicate.  Communication among criminal justice personnel~ would be one of the most important parts of criminal justice policy there is.  Equipment and our infrastructure need to be up to par dealing with all the varied crimes everywhere in the world.

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