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Did Detective Nick Murder Christina Attacker on Hawthorne

Internal Affairs Detective is questioning the staff about the murder of Christina attacker.

On last night episode,the James River hospital is sponsering a health fair outside of the hospital.While the fair is going on outside,Internal Affairs Investigator Dupree is questioning staff members of the hospital about the death of Christina Attacker.Christina was attacked in the parking lot in the first episode, because she encouraged a battered woman, who she had treated at the hospital numerous times, to leave her husband. The husband got angry and brutally attacked a pregnant Christina in the parking lot, causing her to lose her pregnancy.Now Detective Dupree of Internal Affairs has his eyes set on Christina former lover, Detective Nick.

Meanwhile, after examining a young boy name Kyle, Nurse Kelly suspects the boy may have a serious flesh eating bacteria called Mersa, and that it may spread over the hospital if nothing is done about it. While bringing this matter to both Bobbie (head of nurses) and John (Director of hospital), they simply made fun and ignored her. After no where else to turn, she turns to her friend and former boss, Christina for advice. Christina, who was fired from nursing and replaced by Bobbie, told Kelly to follow her guts.While waiting for lab results,Nurse Kelly risks her job as she springs into action closing off a floor, moving those she believe to be infected with Mersa.She secretly called the CDC and warns them about the possible outbreak.The testing confirms that Nurse Kelly was right about the infection. She is overjoyed that she may have save a lot of people from a serious outbreak.

The alcholic Director of the Hospital has gotten drunk in his office and while Bobbie is speaking to reporters outside about the Health Fair, the drunk Director comes out and makes a complete fool out of himself and the hospital.

Back inside the hospital,Investigator Dupree question Tom and Christina about the death of her attacker.He diggs deep and he brings to the forefront the obvious relationship between Nick and Christina.So, the question is,would Nick kill for Christina? Detective Dupree seem to think so. Personally, I don’t think it was him at all.I believe maybe the wife came back and got revenge on a abusive husband.She had good motive because of the abuse and he kidnapped their daughter.

Tune in next week as Detective Dupree squares off with Detective Nick, as he tries to get to the bottom of who killed Christina attacker.

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