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Did O.J. Do It?

We consider whether or not OJ Simpson committed the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The technical evidence of the case is reviewed and the investigative issues are discussed. By looking at the facts of the case and the evidence involved, an opinion is offered about the guilt or innocence of OJ Simpson.

Infamous OJ Simpson Murder Trial

The OJ Simpson murder trial was one of the most infamous murder cases in recent history. We all remember the trial, the evidence, and the shocking verdict. Despite being acquitted of murder, many of us wonder if OJ actually committed the crime. By concentrating on the evidence of the case, we can speculate whether or not OJ murdered Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Physical Evidence: Lots of Blood

There was a lot of physical evidence surrounding the case; from the blood to the gloves, it seemed like there should have been enough evidence to convict the killer. At the crime scene, which was Nicole’s house, there were pools of Nicole’s blood and footsteps leading away from her body. On the left side of the foot prints were blood droplets, indicating that the person who fled the scene was injured. (Linder, n.d.) Blood evidence was also found in various other locations, including Simpson’s Bronco, inside his house, and outside of his house. During OJ’s interview, police observed a cut on his left hand that he could not explain.

Whose Blood?

Forensic testing later concluded that the blood evidence consisted of only Nicole, Ron, and OJ’s blood. So, whose blood was found where? OJ’s blood was found inside his house, outside of his house on the walkway, at Nicole’s house on the ground and the back gate, on the glove discovered at his house, and both in and out of the Bronco; Nicole’s blood was found at her house, on the glove at OJ’s house, on the socks inside OJ’s house, and inside of the Bronco; and Ron’s blood was found at Nicole’s house and on the glove at OJ’s house. (Linder, n.d.) Based on blood evidence alone, this should have been enough evidence to convict OJ Simpson.

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Gloves, Hairs, and Fibers

There is even more physical evidence that links Simpson to the crime. Hair consistent with that of Simpson was found on Ron’s shirt and on the discarded knit cap discovered on the crime scene. Carpet fibers from the Bronco were found on the glove at OJ’s house and on the cap found at the crime scene. The infamous gloves, size XL Aris Light leather gloves, also played a key role in the case because they linked the crime scene with OJ’s house; OJ was also known to have owned an identical pair of gloves. (Linder, n.d.) The left glove was found at Nicole’s house and the right glove was found at OJ’s house.

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