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Facebook Sex Offenders?

Concerns about sex offenders on Facebook.

Facebook allows pretty much everyone to connect with their friends and family. Thanks to Mike Zuckerburg, people can connect and chat with anyone around the world. This leads to concerns about sex offenders being able to chat, harass, and potentially harm teens and young adults. Even though the policy on the site states NO SEX OFFENDERS allowed.

Recently in Austin Texas, a sex offender was caught on Facebook. He was befriending people and commenting on a fan page called “Kool Kids Klub”. Luckily he was caught before any potential harm could be done, but it still raises questions and makes parents worry about who their children are chatting to online.

Facebook released this statement: “Protecting the people who use Facebook, especially the minors who use our site, has always been a top priority for us. We’ve taken a number of aggressive measures, including establishing a large team of professional investigators to evaluate any reports of potential abuse surfaced by our systems or by other people using our site. In this case, we have removed the individuals account in accordance to our long-standing policy against allowing registered sex offenders on the site” – Tucker Bounds, Facebook Spokesperson

If you are a parent, I recommend you check your kid’s Facebook page every now and then. Actually, it may be best for you took make your own account and become friends with them so you can easily have access to their friends list and their Wall.

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    This is a serious issue as predators roam the net for victims. Good article and great social awareness piece.

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