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Felix Vail Indicted – Part One

Tells about the possibly oldest serial killer.

Thursday, a grand jury indicted a 73-year-old man, saying 50 years ago he allegedly murdered his first wife who he had kept saying accidentally drowned while fishing.  Felix Vail, the suspect in this Louisiana case, is a person of interest in other possible crimes.  In 1973 his girlfriend disappeared and since 1984 a second wife has not been seen.  Jerry Mitchell, an investigative journalist for the Jackson Clarion Ledger, who has written a lot of articles and a book about Vail, said he is possibly the oldest serial killer in U.S. history.  His first wife, Mary Horton Vail, died Oct. 28, 1962. Vail said she fell into the Calcasieu River, by Lake Charles, La., and it was said authorities determined it to be an accident at the time.  Only thing is, Vail took out an insurance policy on his first wife two months earlier and the autopsy had details in it that undermined his saying that she fell.  On the back of her neck there was a 4 inch bruise and 4 inches into her mouth a scarf was shoved.  Other inconsistencies in Vail’s side of what happened were spotlighted in Mitchell’s reporting. 

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