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How to Identify a Serial Killer

How To Identify A Serial Killer.

Serial killers are generally very difficult to identify. They might be family friends or even very close relatives. Some could even be your next door neighbors. But you might never know. You eat with them, laugh with them. But you would never know. This is because they are like chameleons and hence are able to disguise their through identity perfectly. They are normally the last people on earth you would suspect of such a crime.

    But there are some characteristics they mostly all share or have in common. And a very careful observer might find it very easy to spot them. In this article I’m going to take the liberty to list to you some of their common traits.

The first thing we all must know about serial killers is they are generally white males and usually between the ages of early twenties to late thirties.

Usually they emerge from a lower or even middle class background.

Most of them, starting from an early age were drawn to or have serious addictions to fetishism and pornography that is sadomasochistic.

They are mostly said to be often intelligent. Hardly would you come across a dumb serial killer. As the act in itself requires some level of intelligence to carry out.

They often come from broken homes. As a result of their fathers often abandoning them, leaving them to be raised by mothers who are sometimes very domineering.

The families that they come from usually have a background of social vices. Often having criminal or psychiatric histories. And even sometimes serious alcoholic and maybe drug histories.

Due to the utter instability in the family they come from, they were often abused (emotionally and physically) and sometimes sexually. And this abuse is usually by a family member.

It is said that more than sixty percent of them wet their beds beyond the age of twelve.

They are often involved in sadist acts such as torturing animals. 

And before graduating into serial murders most of them started with little offences such as arson, petty thefts and vandalism and such similar offences.

When they do get jobs, they have very great difficulty maintaining that particular job. Hence they are bounced from one job to another. Their jobs are mostly menial ones.

In as much as serial killers may exhibit the above traits it must be noted that this isn’t always the case. But the majority of them show most if not all of the above characteristics. And also when any of the above traits is evident in a person definitely does not mean they are serial killers or will become one.

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