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How to Know If You are Under Surveillance

Insurance carriers will stop at nothing in order to fight a claim, justified or not. This guide will help the reader identify surveillance efforts, and will provide steps to stop surveillance efforts.

It’s early morning, your back feels a little better. In fact it feels so good that you might actually be able to get some work done around the house. You take a hot shower to make sure all those muscles are nice and relaxed, put on some sweat pants, your Steelers jersey and out you go.

You were in and out of the garage all morning, organizing, sweeping up a bit nothing too strenuous just trying to be productive. You have been on Workers compensation now for eight grueling months. You can’t do much, but some days are better than others and this one particular day appears to be a good one. So the garage looks better, you step to the curb bring in your empty garbage containers, say hello to the neighbor and go back inside the house.While inside you receive a phone call from a strange package delivery company, trying to verify your address for a parcel delivery. You identify yourself, tell the very nice man that you don’t work and that in fact all the information on the package seems to be correct, you hang up the phone and continue watching TV.

Two weeks pass, and you receive a phone call, it’s the examiner handling your case saying things like you are getting better, the money needs to be reduced, you have to go back to work etc. On that particular day you feel terrible, the spasms won’t stop, the shooting pains… but the examiner won’t have it.

As it turns out, the examiner has in his/her possession 95 minutes of video tape documentation of you sweeping, moving some things around, and now there is hell to pay.

Unfortunately, on his one good day our claimant did not notice the minivan with tinted windows down the street,Our claimant did not find anything suspicious about an unexpected piece of parcel being delivered.

Most surveillance efforts are conducted by Private Investigators, hired as independent contractors by the Insurance Carriers, or third party handlers.

The first thing a claimant must understand is that surveillance is perfectly legal, as long as it is done from a public location. This means that a claimant can be followed to a store, gym etc…

Surveillance equipment varies from firm to firm and goes according to assignment. For the most part however, a standard video camera is used. In many instances, covert equipment is used in order to facilitate observation in places like supermarkets, gyms, movie theaters etc.. The most commonly used are pin hole cameras and special bags that accommodate video recording equipment, this is used frequently because of its cost effectiveness and relative ease of use.

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  1. cathy Saunders

    On May 6, 2009 at 7:07 am

    Good writing.

  2. hfj

    On May 6, 2009 at 8:21 am

    Good informative article. These people will go to great lengths to try and catch you doing something that your not suppose to be able to do. They will spend more money investigating you than they would going ahead and settling up with you. Well done.

  3. Collie Tarampa

    On August 5, 2011 at 10:07 am

    So true, These people have just put me through hell I’m a nervous wreck, I keep wondering if its all in my head are these cars are really following me, driveing past my rural house every time I step outside. Why would GE pay all that money out to get me over $4400.00 all this surveillance would cost them more than that. Then just when I almost convince myself its just my pain meds playing with my head I wake in pain at 2am and go outside for a smoke, as soon as I light up a car starts across the rd and takes off. It was hard enouth liveing with the pain now and depression before but some times I could feel usefull again sweep the path or weed my garden Now I don’t go outside unless I have to and often wonder is its worth even getting out of bed.

  4. just another one who got screwed

    On February 1, 2012 at 1:27 am

    They will spend as much money as it takes to screw you out of what is yours and to send a message to the next person so maybe they will think twice about trying anything

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