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Who are your icons? Jesus was painted as an icon, but I painted modern day icons around Him.

I painted this because I knew that Christian iconography was pretty much obsolete.  When I posted this on an art site I had a comment saying “Who is the guy in the middle.  I know all the others.”  Christians would ask “Do you know Jesus?”  I painted this because I know that people idolise singers, movie stars and athletes.  I painted it because I wanted to portray those who I thought were the top people who were iconised.  I painted them in a style suitable to their era in art.  I hope I did them justice, but Jesus in the middle… who thinks about Him now?  I thought long and hard about who I should include in the painting and at the end of the day… Elvis is still “the king,”  Marilyn Monroe is still beautiful, Ali is still “the greatest” and although I am not into reggae Bob Marley still has fans.

Liked it
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