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Is The Law Too Lenient to Criminals?

When most criminals get out of jail, the likelihood that they will re-offend is fairly high, so do we need to be tougher on crime? Why bother having laws if they do not solve the crime problem?

Recently, I lived with a guy who had been in jail, and I didn’t know this until he had already moved in. All his life, he had been taught that the only way to get what you want is through being tougher and scarier than the other guy. There’s a guy from jail two doors down in my street, and then another guy who’s been to jail another two doors down, always beating his girlfriend and having the police called on him, but never seems to be put back in jail. Criminals are basically running the world through threats and intimidation, and while they are scared of jail, the amount of jail they do is not enough that it deters them from doing exactly the same thing again, trying to be better at avoiding capture. In some countries of the world, the laws are so much harsher than in the west, such as drug laws. A person can be executed in most countries in the South Pacific, just for smoking a joint. Other countries have public beatings, and other countries simply have no laws at all. In my opinion, you should make it easy for people to live whatever life they choose without needing to resort to crime, and if they have three strikes against them, for serious crimes, get rid of them. Australia (where I live), was founded as a place to dump all of the convicts who were not welcome in England, and they raised children who were brought up with criminal values. Now some of the convicts were sent here for stealing bread, and some for murder, and of course, there have been many more immigrants since then, but because it was only a few generations ago, you have crime families who have been around since the convict days.

On the news there are continuing reports of gangs of youths out of control, in ways that they have never been before. The problems can only be blamed on an increase in drug use, and a criminal justice system that slaps violent criminals on the wrist, only making them more ready to break the law. It used to be that jail was such a scary place, that it was enough warning for people not to want to go back there, but these days, criminals are just cruising by for a few months or years, before they start their next crime spree, armed with more knowledge of ways to break the law, and get away with it. My friend recently went to the Philippines, a very poor country, where violence and crime are rife, but on the island he stayed on, the whole place was locked down by private security. Big guys with shotguns everywhere, from the mall, to the hotel room, to the nightclubs. They wanted so badly to ensure the safety of the tourists bringing in money to their country, that they would kill anyone who messed up the good reputation of that island. I wish they would do something like that in Tasmania, except the only way that could happen is if the people themselves made it happen. You have the criminals, and they are balanced by the police, only just. If we are ever going to fix the crime problem, then just about every normal sane human being must take it on themselves to become the police, and aid the police in catching, punishing, detering, or killing criminals, to prevent serious crime from taking control.

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