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London Riots: an Excuse for a Crime Spree

Provides an opinion on the recent riots happening in the UK. The rioters are using mob mentality to loot, steal, break, and even hurt.

When I heard of the London riots, I was trying to figure out what caused it as the videos that I have been seeing, published on the web, provided no obvious clues.

As I read some of the news articles surrounding it, I learned that it may have been caused by some police shooting of some gang member, which resulted in some protests which then escalated into riots.

But then I started hearing interviews of some of the people participating or supporting the riots, and it became clear that the initial protests were just the right cover for these hooligans to use in order to steal and destroy private properties.  And some had really no clues about why they are rioting.  One was saying he doesn’t have a job, and as such was encouraging riots–just total nonesense.  Here are a couple of inteviews to illustrate.

On another interview a woman states that there are no jobs, and the youths have nothing to do.  Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.  I think this is just from people with no values at all, using violence as an excuse to loot, steal, and hurt others.


In several videos, young people are seen breaking doors and windows in order to steal.  I also saw people burning cars.  The last one I saw showed some of these hooligans acting like they were helping out someone, but then ends up opening his backpack and ends up ripping him off–right out in the open, in plain sight of others in a crowd.

To me people own their actions.  These people are criminal down to the core, and have no sense of value.  The London Police needs to take a more forceful action in order to protect the decent people of London.  Recent videos I’ve seen just show police running into the mobs with shields.  They need to bring clubs in order to quickly put down this crime spree.

In some talk radio, I heard that this might be the result of a generation of people used to government entitlements.  And because the tone and reasoning I heard some of these rioters are providing, it may just be true.

Since the US seem to be trending in the same way, these riots may be coming here soon.  So beware, and be ready.

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