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Lying Prison

The government has created a new device to cut down on criminal activity. If caught for lying or anything else criminal related you will be prosecuted & sent to a large desert now used as penitentiary.

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It’s now the year 2052 and everything keeps changing. I can’t believe just yesterday that I was walking down the street with no need of security. Also, there weren’t any types of detectors or shake downs to worry about. We have metal detectors in every store. At the grocery store we get a shake down after we self checkout and bag all of our own groceries and make our way past the metal detectors.

There is a rumor that there is to be a new bill passed and law placed that reads your mind and determines lies. Has the mind developed in such intense ways that the government now feels there’s a need to keep tabs on everyone’s thought process so nobody can do anything wrong? I hope they know that there are going to be those criminals who outsmart the lie detectors. The mind just can’t be stopped, but I guess the average person can be tamed.

The president came on the projectorvision (which is the new form of television but it’s High Definition cable connected to a projector that now works in either dark or light rooms. We call it the ‘PJ’.) Announcing that the Lie detector was passed and the company in charge will be in need of volunteers to test out the program. At the end of his announcement he blurted out that if nobody volunteers he will randomly choose people to do it with or without their consent.

Jaren walked in the room, “Hey, are they even allowed to do that Amelia? There has to be laws and rules that they are breaking.”

Amelia crossed her arms while laying on the couch, “They are breaking laws and rules but they feel like it’s for our safety. So, we can’t really do too much about it, it’s already passed.”

Amelia instantly realized a great way to fix some of the problem to the situation. She picked up the phone and decided to call her local senator.

When the senator’s secretary came on the line Amelia began to say the things she was rehearsing in her head, “Yes, I was just hearing about the new bill that was passed. I want to ask for Senator Whitten to bring up to the House of Representatives the idea of testing out the Lie Detector on inmates.”

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