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Men Who Have Sex with Sheep!

Police were called by concerned witnesses who saw a man molesting sheep and running away from the scene on a frequent basis.

There are many jokes and taunts about people being ’sheep shaggers’ but actually it turns out that some people really are. 

In May 2008 members of the community in Chistlehurst reported several occasions in which they saw a man pulling up his trousers whilst he was nearby sheep and also an occasion in which a man was sexually assaulting the sheep. After all of these times the man was seen running from the scene.

The police investigated and in July of that year they arrested a 27 year old man from Bromley. The man was linked to the crime due to DNA matching which held him to the crime. Two sheep were found dead too although there is no certain link that their deaths have anything to do with the crime. 

This is not a one off case. There are several instances of men being arrested and found guilty for having sex with sheep. In Battle Creek, Michigan a man pleaded guilty after he was found to have had sex with a sheep in 2005. 

It is illegal to have sex with animals of any kind and so these men have been sentenced to prison and in the case of the American man, he has been placed on the sex offenders’ register. 

It seems like a bizarre crime and one which raises many voices who claim how disgusting it is and wrong. It would be interesting to look into the brains of these individuals to try to work out what causes them to feel the need to conduct this act with a beast and also whether they share similar cognitive functions as those who commit rape or if they are stand alone cases completely. 

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