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Meth Heads Find New Way to Cook: Narcotics Deputies Teach Them How

Meth users are shown and told of new way to make meth without getting caught! Big news: The Narcotics Deputies are the ones teaching them how!

As the war on drugs, rages on, methamphettoamine continues to reak havak on its user and those who come in contact with it.  This is a drug people cannot escape from once they use it.

 We continue to read, about the many Meth houses that are being shut down.  However, I just read an article in our local newspaper that not only explains methamphetamines, but also explains a new way to make it.

This article also goes into full detail on how to not get caught and what the police officers are looking for to catch you.  They had a method in effect that was working to help find the makers of meth, by paying attention to who was buyng large amounts of the ingredients used to make this. If the officers found a particular person purchasing large amounts of this drug they then would start tracking them and research them, get a warrant raid the house and do the bust.

Now these same narcotic deputies are telling user how to cook their own in a new method called shake N bake.  With this new method, the shake n bake or also known as the one pot method, it it allows and tells the addicts how to make this drug on their own and not get caught. 

This new process is so easy that now anyone can make this, whether you live hidden away or right in an apartment.  There is no smell and you can make it without getting caught.

These methods are called the “Shake~n~Bake or the one pot method. 

Because this particular method take far less pseudo ephedrine to make there is no way to track who’s really making this.

And here’s the concerning part, the narcotic deputies then go on to talk about how users making the drugs in the shake and bake method.

With the simple use of a 2 liter bottle and a few chemical mixed and shaken in the bottle you now have your own meth lab and meth.

 The problem is the 2 liter bottle now has something like acid in the bottom of it and can be highly dangerous.

Now, I’m not going to go into the details of exactly how to make this, although this information is all over as has come directly from the narcotics team.  I don’t quite understand this.  You’re trying to get this drug off the street.  You’re trying to do a crackdown on the people that are making this and then you write a full page article on how to make it at home by yourself and not get caught?  Does that make sense to anyone else?

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  1. cutedrishti8

    On September 10, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Nice one to share…Great work..

  2. Pedro Torres

    On July 22, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Well, Im sure theres a law that allows you to be informed on any subject if this crack on the streets continues its just humanities own down fall for being drug addicts. Thank god ive nevr tried anything harder than weed and shrooms,some drinking and thats about it im 19 in a healty state and dont abuse my worldy sins.

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