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Movies with Few or No Redeemable Characters!

These are classic and almost vintage movies with just a few if any redeemable characters. Take a look…….

Have you ever watched and enjoyed a movie that had hardly any, if at all, redeemable characters?  They can be very entertaining but are usually disturbing, as the Victims never get the correct amount of attention shown to them, but here goes……

1.)  Sorry, Wrong Number:  This was a Movie of the 1940s.  You know these characters situations but it just seems like they all decide on the wrong thing to do.  The Central Characters are the Bed-Ridden but demanding, spoiled wife, the man she loves and marries AND bullies half to death, and the nasty indulgent father.  You’d just think that the husband would have walked away, but……………..          NO REDEEMING MAIN CHARACTERS AT ALL.

Cover of The Strange Love of Martha Ivers      2.)  The Strange Love of Martha Ivers:  What happens when a little girl hates an Aunt so much that she does the unthinkable and a Vagrant man is sent to death for the Crime.  She and her childhood friend marries and become extremely successful until her real Love from childhood arrives with startling revelations……….. THERE ARE TWO REDEEMABLE CHARACTERS, THE GOOD CHILDHOOD GUY AND HIS LOVE INTEREST


3.)  The Lady in a Cage:  It would be more nice if the Lady that is trapped in her  home elevator due to a power outage from the heat was truly nice.  But noooooooo, she has bamboozled her son so badly that….anyways, after her son leaves for a weekend vacation, her house is noticed by a persistent alarm and then her house is broken into by a nasty vagrant and joining him is the town Prostitute. When they are discovered, James Kahn’s character’s band of Juvenile Delinquents join in on one of the most macabre and violent scenes you’ve ever seen as they ransack and take all of the rich woman’s money, clothes and commit various actions of sadism and violence…….. WELL THE HAT GOT AWAY IS THE ONLY ONE WHO RUNS SO FAST YOU DON’T KNOW IF HE’S REDEEMED OR NOT… 

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