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Murder Investigation Procedure: How to Investigate a Murder?

In the absence of eye witness, how to investigate a murder case and what murder investigation procedure should we follow?

Most of the murder incidents occur during dead of nights or at lonely places. Reason is obvious, murderer don’t want any eye witness who can testify against him later. He thinks he can escape murder investigation this way.

Yet we can investigate a murder and can put the murderer behind the bar. How do we investigate a murder and what murder investigation procedure we adopt?

Murder investigation procedure

No matter where and when the murder took place two eye witness are always there. One is the murderer himself who committed the murder and another one is the victim.

Murderer is certainly is not going to testify against himself. He won’t facilitate the murder investigation procedure. On the other hand victim could have helped in investigation if he was able to talk but he is dead now.

The procedure we adopt for murder investigation has to be started from somewhere. We don’t have any clue about who committed the murder but we do have one thing, the dead body of the victim. That is from where we can start murder investigation. The dead body can give us valuable information to investigate the murder case.

Next step in this procedure is to investigate thoroughly at the crime scene looking for clues. Finger prints, blood marks, something out of place or anything which is of relevance to murder is of importance in murder investigation.

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All evidences are collected and preserved properly. They help to reconstruct the event of murder and are useful at later stage to investigate a murder.

How to investigate a murder

The dead body of the victim is sent to forensics for autopsy. Postmortem examination reveals lot of information which when we investigate further could lead us to the suspect.

First thing we investigate through forensics is how victim was murdered. By pistol or knife or any other weapon and how much time he took to die.

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Second thing we find is the time of death. Dead body starts stiffening within few hours of death. This is called rigor mortis. Rate of decomposition of body compared with atmospheric temperature can fairly reveal the time of death. In any murder investigation procedure time of death is important and useful to investigate further.

Third thing is the identity of the victim. From the clothing and other belongings found on the body his identity is confirmed. Identity of the victim is also of great importance to investigate a murder.

Once body is identified we investigate to gather information about people who were in his surroundings during his life time. We make a list of all such persons. This is our initial investigation list. It includes his friends, relatives, co-workers, and many other people. All the names appearing on the list are considered as prime suspects of murder.

Then we look for the motive of murder. From the suspect list we look for people who have enough motives to murder him or who can be benefited somehow by this murder. Benefits may be in the form of wealth, property, conflict, revenge or any other matter.   For the ease of investigation people with no motive found are eliminated from the list. By this procedure we short list the main suspect list.

Next we have to find suspects who have resources and time to murder him. Checking on their background especially where they were at the time of murder we further narrow down our investigation list to a very limited number of people.

Now we concentrate on these people. We thoroughly investigate each one of them. We co-relate the evidences collected earlier from the crime scene with these people and make further investigation to find out if we can match some of the facts with any of them.

Finally our murder investigation has come to a place where we are pretty sure about the involvement of the person or persons who could be held responsible for this murder.

This is just a simple outline of a murder investigation procedure and how to investigate a murder. In reality things may not be so simple. One needs to apply his intelligence and quick decision making abilities to investigate a murder case.

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