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Obama’s Criminal Cover-up: Operation Gunrunner

An analysis of Operation Gunrunner and how the Obama administration’s attempt to cover it up may have not only cost the United States the lives of our law enforcement agents, but negotiating leverage with Mexico.

You would have to be living under a stone somewhere to be unaware of the ongoing Congressional investigation into the ATF Project Gunrunner (AKA “Operation Fast and Furious”).  Sadly, from conversations I’ve had with some of my fellow citizens, they appear to be blissfully ignorant and wish to remain so. 

However, there is a growing number of patriots who are watching with alarm as the facts surrounding the case unfold.  While many pundits and bloggers have focused on the future implications for the Obama administration—ranging from impeachment to arrest and prosecution of some individuals involved—I feel the need to explore the case a little from a perspective I have yet to see examined; the impact on Obama’s foreign and domestic policies that may have already damaged the nation. 

I apologize about the length of this analysis, but the complexity and seriousness of the situation requires a complete study of the situation.

Before we get to that analysis, let’s review a number of events that many people have either forgotten, or not connected to the Gunrunner fiasco.

 If you are not very familiar with the case, I recommend you read this Town Hall article.  In short, we learn several frightening facts. 

Officials at the “highest levels” of the ATF, FBI and DEA were aware of a project that started as early as 2009 to allow criminal “straw-man buyers” representing Mexican drug cartels to purchase assault weapons from firearms dealers in Border States.  When gun dealers alerted ATF (as they are supposed to do) that they believed someone was attempting to buy arms with the purpose of illegally reselling to individuals who could not legally buy them themselves, the ATF gave those dealers the orders to sell them anyway.  Why?  According to the ATF, the plan was to track the weapons back to the cartels so they could be located and captured later.

The problem is, that is false.  Agents warned their superiors that this was a fatally flawed plan.  The superiors insisted they follow orders.  Gun dealers also warned that this was unwise.  They were ordered to do as told.  Agents reminded their superior officials that once the guns reached Mexico, they would be beyond US jurisdiction and nothing could be done about it.  They were again told to proceed.

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  1. charlotte

    On June 18, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    WELL WELL WELL. Chicago criminals to the core. I wonder why Bauer has resigned as Obama’s lawyer in the White House? Is it because this whole thing is an indefensible disgrace? Who authorized it? Was it done against advice like the Libyan war? Or has Bob Bauer stepped down and returned to his practice, not so he can work on Obama’s 2012 campaign, BUT so he can defend Obama when criminal charges arise? There is talk that Obama is getting ready to throw Melton under a bus for his role. SO Melton will be the scapegoat. What about Holder? As attorney General he should have known better and behaved with more integrity, not like a Chicago mafioso. If Holder is forced to resign, then I think BOB BAUER may be appointed the new Attorney General. All these “intellectually gifted” individuals in Obama’s administration have no morals.

  2. Shakedown Crews

    On June 22, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Charlotte, I’d like to point you to the following ATF announcement, dated 2009, in which the Justice Dept. Deputy Attny. General Ogden bragged alongside ATF head Melson about their victory:

    It is INCONCEIVABLE that Ogden knew about and celebrated their “victorious project” and that Att. General Holder did NOT know about it.

    It is LIKEWISE inconceivable that in 2010 the Mexican president Calderon DEMANDED before Congress that the US Government put a stop to the flow of guns entering Mexico, and that Obama was still “unaware” of the problem.

    In hindsight, Calderon’s speech is now clear to me. He WAS in fact speaking to the US government and telling THEM to stop the sale of those guns.

    What is incredibly cynical is that the Obama administration attempted to spin Calderon’s outrage into an attempt to spin up some gun control policies, rather than stopping their own immoral practices.

    It is clear that THIS government rules in opposition to common sense and the American people, rather than “by the people and for the people”.

  3. stingaree57

    On June 24, 2011 at 6:50 am

    As Joe Biden says, “This is a big effin deal.” The present administration is dealing extremely painful body blows to the Constitution. Before much longer there will be no Constitution tol defend.

    Let us pray that the Conservatives in Congress begin to defund the corrupt policies and practices of this gang of thieves starting today. Do not yield on the debt ceiling/spending cut battle.

    Defund the czars and czardines Obama has hired, investigate Holder and the DOJ, prosecute those found responsible, those with prior knowledge of the Fast & Furious debacle and even go as far as to defund his teleprompter. The psuedo-CIC will be lost without it.

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