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Probation in America

What life is like under probation in America.

Being on probation, in America, can be a tough and stressful period in a offender’s life, as you have to, literally, be on your best behavior. Being on your best behavior means that you cannot get into more legal trouble, in terms of catching another charge, and you cannot posses or intake any weapons, narcotic products or alcohol. If you break one of these rules or any, that the probation officer sets for you; that will be a violation of your probation and could possibly have it revoked. Just going into a bar and having a shot of whiskey, can mean the end of your probation, and then, it is back to jail, again.

In addition to being on probation, you may have to wear a ankle monitor, be under house arrest and etc., depending on the offense and the PO’s rules. Also, while on probation, you will have to pay a supervision fee (the fee depends on the place and level of supervision being rendered) on a periodic basis and if the fee is not paid by that period of time, this will also count as a violation.

So if you are a partier, more than a social drinker or a weed or crack head, the partying hard and getting high every day, will have to be put on hold, until your probation period is over. Of course, your PO officer could order you to participate in drug and/or alcohol treatment programs, which you have to pay for, out of your pocket and must attend whenever ordered to. By going to these classes, paying your supervision fee and/or paying restitution, as a condition of probation, this can be very expensive, especially if you are on intensive supervision and/or have to pay a lot of money in restitution.

Being on probation, in America, can be very expensive and to give a good guess as how expensive being on probation can be; if you are on probation in South Carolina, on intensive supervision, and have to pay $120 a month (which is the actual supervision fee in that state) for two years, the total amount, in fees, you would have to pay, is $120 x 24 = $2,880.

Let us say, if you also had to pay $4000 in restitution, on top of the $2,800, you have to pay a total of $6,800. That is a lot of money to dish out, to stay out of jail, but if you can not afford something like this, over a two year period, the only option is jail.

There are many people that are on probation that cannot afford the costs associated with the case, in which the probation is based on. This is why most people are going back to jail, other than catching another charge or going into a bar, when they are suppose to.

This makes one think about the purpose of being on probation, since the state milks you out of supervision fees and make you pay more if you violate your probation. Does it really help those who are bind to this system? Maybe or maybe not; but you are paying the state to treat you like a baby, even though, you maybe a grown man or women and that is the saddest part of being on probation. They try you as an adult and put you on probation, like you are a child. What a system to help rehabilitate a person!

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