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She Was Raped by Thirty Seven Bandits-a True Story

She had to sleep with them because she was a slave to all of them. Forced and tortured, was she able to bear everything that happened to her? She was indeed a very strong woman. Who was she and what is her name?

Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi was her name who was the queen of the bandit of the valley of Chambal in India. The story begins when she was only 11 years old. She was innocent who played and loved to dream. It was her father who was eager for her marriage at her young age. Finally, the young girl got married with a much matured man.

She couldn’t bear his touch because she hardly knew what is happening with her. All she had is pain in her stomach and when she cried, her husband ignored. She suffered and left her husband’s house only to be blamed in the small village where she was born.

Her father was not co-operative and her mother was helpless, she grew only to be tortured. Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi was just Phoolan before she became Phoolan Devi. Her journey from Phoolan to Phoolan Devi made her sleep forcibly with all the bandits of the Chambal valley.

11 year old Phoolan with her husband (A still from the movie Bandit Queen) (Image Credit)

When she was young staying with her parents, she was abused by the son of the head of her village. Since he had power, he escaped the situation putting all the blames on her that she is married and she wants “sex” so she invited me for the “fun”. Torture and shame is all what she got and an order was passed that Phoolan should live the village because she is tempting the young men of the village.

Phoolan was used to bad words since her childhood, means she had an habit of speaking abusive words. Was that her only mistake? Or it was her fortune that one day she came with her relative to the valley of Chambal only to be raped!

She was not aware of what the future will be, wandering everywhere, she finally had to return to her own village where the police of her village abused her physically. Not knowing what to do next, she again left her village back to the valley of Chambal.

Phoolan Devi with her hero Vikram (A still from the movie Bandit Queen) (Image Credit)

There she got the hero of her life who protected her, loved her, saved her from all the other men and took her forward to give her a new honorable name “Phoolan Devi, the Bandit Queen”. She was living a very happy life with her gun and her hero until he was killed by his jealous fellow bandits.

Finally, what happened next was even horrible than her earlier days. When she was known as a queen like Robinhood who steals the rich to help the poor, she was raped by all her fellow bandits. Each and everyone, turn by turn, several of them, and she was almost dead.

The woman was made naked in-front of the villagers of Chambal and that made her take revenge. She took help from other bandits and killed many men from the village. She was made to surrender, however, while surrendering she heard the voice of the common men “Long Live Phoolan Devi, the Goddess of Chambal”. That is the story of the Bandit Queen, Phoolan Devi.

Original Photo of Phoolan Devi (Image Credit)

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