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Shocking!15year Old, Suspect in Murder of His Father,mother and Sister

A gruesome murder on a farm in Griekwastad, in South Africa, shocks the world! 15 Year old son, suspect!

The 15 year old Don Steenkamp, sitting between his grandmothers! At this stage the police that are investigating the murder case, are extremely secretive. They are still waiting for the results of some of the forensic tests, to have enough evidence. But rumours are going around that Don might be the main suspect in this case.

The murders took place on the 1April on good Friday. According to Don he was outside in the barn when he heard shots in the house. He realized it was a farm attack, and hid in the barn until it was over. Then he ran over to the house and found his parents and sister in a pool of blood, shot dead. He climbed into a car and drove into town to report the murders when he came upon the fire arms lying in the dirt road.
There was no signs of a break-in, at the house. Nothing was stolen and the safe where the fire arms were kept was opened with the key.

 All three the victims was shot more than once. Martella the 14 year old sister, seemed to have been running for her live, shot once in her hip, outside the door,dragged back and theN shot dead, because her blood was found spattered on the walls and outside.

Hopefully the results of the investigation will be realized soon!

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