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Stalking: Men Do It, But Women are Joining The Ranks

Its a major issue when men stalk, but now its becoming a huge issue with women.

I’m a retired New York City police officer now for 20 years.  While I was on the force it was the men who doing the majority of the stalking.  The stalking incidents ranged from jilted lovers, infatuation, and creepy guys who had nothing better to do.  There was little reporting of women stalking their own genders then.  When I retired from the police force I moved out of the city and moved to Long Island.  Its here on Long Island where a colleague of mine, who is also a retired police officer, set up a private investigator office.  Most of our cases range from disgruntled husbands and wives, to workman’s compensation cases.  However, lately we’ve been seeing that women are becoming increasingly the victims of stalking incidents from past female lovers, professional acquaintances, and angry neighbors who hold grudges against tenants.  Out here in Seaford, Long Island you wouldn’t think it goes on.  I know for a fact that its a rising concern in New York City.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I hear about a woman stalked another woman for some crazy and weird incident.   Its quite alarming and kind of sad to see this sort of stuff going on in my own back yard.

It is now estimated that male stalkers make up for 32% of the statistics.   Mostly stalking jilted lovers from females to males. 

Women stalkers make up an alarming 49% of the statistics.  It was known that women would stalk men that dropped them like a hot potato, however, now it’s been recorded that women are stalking their own gender.  Mostly it has to do with revenge and holding a grudge against a woman who couldn’t be controlled by the other woman.

Professional Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Medical doctors are both shocked and astonished at the growing rate.  These professionals have also commented that they have been stalked by their patients at some time or another.  The patients have been both male and female, but women have been becoming the majority of the stalkers.  Usually, it is a chemical imbalance in their system that is to blame.  Plus, delusional images in their brain of attraction toward their victim of the same gender.

As a private investigator, I am always looking at the evidence and working closely with the local police department and the medical profession to place a “thumb” on this situation.

Here is a statement from a physician who has news to report on the comparison of women stalkers versus male stalkers:

As a practicing psychiatrist I have both evaluated and treated male and female stalkers.  Women stalkers are the most delusional in behavior and mental out look.  The female stalker is usually a grudge and revenge holder in most cases.  I would say at an alarming rate of 38%.  Some of my female stalkers have admitted that they do it to play mind games on their victims.  The female stalkers are disgruntled individuals who don’t know how to channel their energy elsewhere, or they may be females who are bored with their lives. 

Stalkers are placed into two groups:  psychotic and non-psychotic.

Now compare those numbers to male stalkers at 35%.  The victim of the male stalker is a past love gone sour, an infatuation, or a male who is mentally deranged.  Furthermore, women stalkers have a pre-existent psychotic disorder such as schizo-affective disorder and/or schizophrenia.

Stalking by groups is reported to be only 15% of that of non-groups.

In foreign countries, stalking is recognized, and the number of group stalking is 7% to male 9% to female 17%.

The United States leads in the percentage rate of stalking humans.

There are horrible psychological and physical and violent affects that the female stalker do to their victims.  The common emotional consequences are depression, anxiety, anger, and a sense of vulnerability.

Stalking is considered a form of harassment and intimidation.  Also, can be concluded that its the type of unwanted attention by individuals, and sometimes groups of people, to others.

In psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.  Also, categorized as a criminal offense or civil wrong that include conduct.

KEEP A JOURNAL of the stalker.  The journal should contain photographs, dates, and time of the incident. 

Watch out women, if you anger another female she may stalk you until you go out of your mind.

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  1. Sean MacGregor

    On December 12, 2011 at 11:02 am

    I’ve been stalked on several occasions. I know the feeling. Women are constantly wanting me.

  2. A. Giovanni

    On January 8, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I have had a lot of problems with stalkers over the years – all of them men one of them a NJ Hwy. Patrolman back in the 1990s and only one woman.

    I understand that in the arena of cyberstalking an increasing number of women are engaging in stalking because of the anonymity provided by the web.

    The only woman I had making unwanted calls to me and calling my employer trying to find out about me, etc. was caused because I was having a problem with her boyfriend (a co-worker – they get your phone number when you work with them. This is a big problem, in my opinion.) who had created a fantasy in his mind, which he apparently shared with her and she believed it. It was completely delusional on both of their parts. She stopped calling when I threatened to make a legal matter out of it. He persisted for about a year afterward, but I blocked his calls and he seems to have given up now. Haven’t heard anything for months. Funny thing is – I was more afraid of being run down in the parking lot at work by this woman (she had a notorious reputation for being jealous, so I’m sure I wasn’t their first victim… in fact, he was taken to court for stalking a local man’s wife a couple of years prior to this, which shows that stalkers are often, if not usually, serial perpetrators) than I was of him. He was just stupid. But, I really thought she was nuts.

    Interesting article and certainly thought-provoking.

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