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The Five Worst Cities in The US of A


There are good cities and bad cities. It all depends on where you go. Here are some horrible cities listed below.

Gary Indiana. Numero uno. Otherwise known as the sewer city, Gary is the worst city in America. The air is filled with dirt and smog, making Gary dwellers ill. The people in Gary are very rude and the crime rate is nine times higher than all other cities. I have been to Gary before and I couldn’t stand it. And back in the 80s, a lot of factories have closed down, makiing the sewer city look like a ghost town. Gangs infest the whole city and there is no hope for the Gary dwellers and the weather in Gary is horrific. Tornados, severe thunderstorms, extreme heat and cold winters.

Detriot. The Motor City. Detriot is a ghetto city with a crime rate that is the third highest in the country. Half the city is unemployed and many businesses have abandoned Detriot, hence many people are unemployed. There are a lot of people who are under class and rats crawl on the streets. Youngsters go to prison rather than graduating from high school.

NYC. I’ve been there before and the people are extremely rude, the streets are dirty and there are rundown buildings or should I say tenements everywhere. New York City holds it’s finest ghetto areas or did at one time. The South Bronx, Sugar Hill, Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem. Not a place ideal for a vacation unless you want to see the Statue of Liberty or go to Coney Island.

Chicago. NYC’s Little Sister City. Either you are a have or a have not. Can you picture a good looking yuppie walking down the street wearing a trench coat and expensive Italian shoes? That is a have. A person who is poor or middle class is a have not.

Chicago holds it’s real ghetto areas, Humbolt Park, The Robert Taylor Homes, the West side ghettos, the south side ghettos, the Juneway Jungle. And many more. Chicago has a huge population of rats. One or more rats per house hold. That means that there are ten million rats in the Windy city.

Chicago people are very rude. They will look you up and down if you are poor, not pretty or fat.

LA. In this Cali city the crime is sky high. People in LA are rude and arrogant. The streets are filthy and there are homeless people everywhere. LA is infested with gangs and bedbugs. It holds South Central and the Crips and the Bloods, ( Well known violent street gangs,) are every where. There are fourteen year old gang girls that will beat you up, just for the hell of it. The weather is hot and can go up to 111 degrees.

Just don’t go to these dumpy cities. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

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