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The Five Worst Ghettos in The United States


Yes, every city has a ghetto, that’s a fact, jack. But there are some ghettos that are so bad, that you wouldn’t think that people actually live there. But Lord, they do. Here are the five most filthy, butt ugly ghettos in the Us of A.

Detroit. I swear the ghettos there look like what Japan looks like now a days. I swear it looks like a war zone, with filthy dirt laden streets and run down slums everywhere. The crime rate is atrocious and there are so many rats, that they crawl on the streets. EEEEEEEEE Yuck. Detroit, you are numero uno.

Englewood. With derelict buildings and run down houses, this worst ghetto in the south side of Chicago takes the cake. It is  swarped with poverty, gangs and horrible living conditions. In Englewood, rapists will jump into your slum tenement and rape you to pieces. You will get beat up in the  middle of the streets. Englewood you are Horrifying number two on the list.

Watts. Although it is improving, Watts is full of rundown slums, crime and trash all over the place. You Betcha. Watts, you suck

Gary Indiana. With it’s slums, poverty, highest crime rate and mega air pollution, Gary Indiana is nowhere to take a vacation in. In fact one time, Our family went through Gary. And there was so much dirt and smut in the air, that the by the time we got out of Gary, My father had to change the carburetor. Gary is also the murder capital in the whole United States.

The South Bronx. The South Bronx has greatly improved over the years, but in the past, the run down buildings, rape, theft and murder took the cake. The buildings looked like a cyclone hit them and there was no green grass. People actually lived in those awful, horrible slums. And trash and filth, was what the South Bronx had a reputation of, before it improved by the decade or so.

And there you have it. Enjoy your day.

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