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The Impact of Crime on Society Today

Transnational crime is large and broad and difficult to control.

Secondary to the development and spread of globalization transnational crime has clearly resulted. Transnational crime is large and abroad and difficult to control. One situation in one country affects another in another country. There are many organized criminal situations across the nation and there is no solidarity to crime itself anymore.

Within the globalization of terrorists; as well as traffickers, and people who sell pornography; are examples of the transnational crime scene. People have been exposed to different situations from different countries. Many forms of crime are learned as a result of shared criminal information from the internet, and identity theft continues on a rampage.

The remedies I would impose would be to limit and control the communications regarding the internet. To place increased security; involving the use of the internet, and impose stricter laws concerning internet crimes. Criminals need to be brought to justice and crimes need to be stopped in their tracks. I believe that internet communications should be monitored, and that the continued spam that is sent to vulnerable people such as children and the elderly; should be stopped, and the criminals who are senders suffer a stronger penalty. Children and the elderly are extremely vulnerable as victims to predators in use of the internet.

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