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The New Penal Code Free Sexual Perversions

Legislative news.

Incest is now allowed sexual relations between minors adordul is no longer punished in any way. According to religious arguments Scary old and full of nonsense of the Bible (book of stories – that if we stay a little carefully read and think, even she has committed itself) – incest was considered something forbidden and punished as as committing adultery.

However we should not be surprised that there Inquisition because he did “spring cleaning” that they wanted her more. However, as a bomb churches every foundation under the new penal code sects incest is not considered an offense and on minors addition and now the green light to such acts normal humanity.

Impunity is long incest and other countries such as France, Spain, Portugal and now exists in our wonderful Romania. Church says that this is outrageous … lol, but really something that heaven where all her cries of thousands and thousands of years will do something sometime? Or myths remain with their brains?

Well that has changed the law to make the strange, but they have raised claims that there are two lions for the law to change churches and they pay taxes like all fucking button and go to jail because there are many alcoolic gay and immoral religions slaves by esteemed court steamers souls.

And because Romania is a country of mobsters, drug addicts, thieves – full of pharmacies, banks and shaorm─ârii – freedom of prostitution is also present much in Bucharest although they say it is illegal for me to … more.

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