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The Petition

I get email to sing petition everything for car seats for girls in china, to stop animal abuse to stop child porn. What do I delete. delete.

You get a petition all good cossets.  Do you think these people really care about our opinion.  This one thinks we should give woman in this country rights, Do they care about our opinion no; Another petition stop using monkeys for medical expericement and do our opinion Noo, Stop killing cats and dogs with no waiting time; sign the petition would help any no. Another petition to get Face Book to block child porn. Ok like those sicko really care what I think. 

Yes they are all good couses, Yes I even agree with the opinion of the person who singing the petition, but am I making a difference other then my name on singer. Here what I do I say a rosay and pray the Lord will do something. Another petiton is you want car seats for little girls in China; China dosen’t care about our opinion. 

Lets get pray back in all school; or at least a moment of silents. Just maybe it will make a differnce.

Liked it
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