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The Poor Sailor

A Man On Sea…

A man almost have been for 4 months on sea with a broke engine of the boat, he was with a friend on a trip from Kiribati, they stayed alot because of the Rainwater they said but his friend died of the hunger, in total he was 106 days on water, which is not a record because 2 other fishers were 177 days on water, a fishers boat caught the men, the first thing he asked, was a cigarette…it’s one tough man..!

A couple months ago, there was a girl, that goes on a sea and never returned, they were rumours of that she wanted to live on sea like a pirat, after 2 months they found the girl, in middle of the sea, she lived on rain water and fish which she catched with her own hands, the girl, was that hard in shock, she needed to re-learn to talk, read… her parents we’re the happyest parents after they saw there daughter after 2 months back! After the could talk, she said she saw alot of boats past her but nobody wanted to help her, so she lost faith in human!

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