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The Purpose of Criminology and the Functions of Criminologists

Criminology is the study of crime and of the elements which comprise crimes itself.

It is the study of what makes a person a criminal and the study of society and its influences on crime. It is the study of statistical influences on behavior and the types of crimes associated with different personalities and behaviors.

It is the study of all the possibilities of crime— and why people have not been successful— in becoming acceptable citizens in society.

Criminologists study the patterns of behaviors that had lead to crimes committed— and the influences in that point in time in development of the criminal mind. Contained in studies are the psychological, sociological and physical components— which influence the person into a criminal way of thinking. Criminologists also study the walls of society— which tend to structure the rules and accepting behaviors— within the rules.

Changes within the history of crime— and today’s influences— are taken into consideration containing great lengths of study by criminologists.

The behaviors of groups and subgroups are within studies as well as now and past history of crime. Criminologists study what impacts certain crimes— and the type of person determined to commit that type of crime.

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