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The Purpose of Jails is to Detain The Wrongdoers That Can Not be Released Back Into Society. Jail is Used in Order to Hold Individuals &Ldquo;charged with a Crime Until Their Trials.”

Jails, and probation or parole.

The purpose of jails is to detain the wrongdoers that can not be released back into society. Jail is used in order to hold individuals “charged with a crime until their trials.” (University of Phoenix, 2006)

There are several cases in which an offender may be held till transferred to the appropriate authorities or facilities. Juveniles may be held in jail temporarily before being transferred to the juvenile authorities. The mentally ill may be detained in jail to prevent from further endangering another or themselves until transferred to a facility that can better assist the problem. There are many recent problems relating to overcrowded federal and state prisons. Jail plays as a back up for those inmates who may be waiting for a transfer instead of releasing back into society. 

In some cases an offender may be released back into society with probation or parole. When a violation occurs, the offender will be detained in jail.

There are so many different protections for the offenders and the rest of society that have been adopted into our system to make it better.

Jail is very effective in detaining the offenders who are not fortunate enough to be released back into society. There are instances in which an offender may not be able to “post bail after an arrest” (University of Phoenix, 2006) and are forced to be detained in jail. However, time-served helps these offenders in some instances of receiving a lesser sentence. Not all persons who commit a crime should be entitled to be released with probation or parole. In some cases the offender may have committed a crime that may be considered more dangerous and needs to be isolated away from the rest of society. Jail is effective in protecting our society from further crime being committed by detaining the individuals who choose to do wrong.


University of Phoenix. (2006). Prisons and jail. Retrieved May 17, 2009, from University of Phoenix, Week Eight, CJS200.

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  1. peterthompson

    On September 11, 2011 at 7:44 am

    I disagree. The purpose of prison is to make money. Where else can you get 25 cent an hour labor? Many prisons are now run privately by corporations, whose very job it is to turn a profit. The profiteers of the prison industrial complex know that society will give them what they want budget-wise under threat of releasing the two million plus men and women incarcerated in this country. There’s a lot of money to be made, much like the war machine. Bomb companies want to go to war because they sell more bombs. The problem is that the owners of the bomb companies are so politically connected. Same with the prison companies., those who supply food and services to the prisoners get rich. That’s one of the reasons that drug laws are so draconian in this country.
    Nice article though. I’ve noticed that many people writing on this site don’t have much of a clue. I don’t know how anybody makes any real money here. I just wrote a 600-word piece for a newspaper that only pays 15 cents a word. But that $75 seems like a hell of a lot compared to the 13 cents I’ve earned on three articles.What a joke.

  2. dizzyjenn33

    On December 29, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    I don’t really do this for the money! I know some sites that pay much better for articles. However, this is more like a good way for me to keep in practice of writing and keep track of my progress from the beginning. Thanks for the comments!

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