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The Slender Man

The Slender Man.

The slender man is believed to be a man dressed in a black business suit, like the ones worn in men in black, and is about 6 feet tall.

The slender man was a man who was beat with a log, stabbed with a 2 foot stick, and hung from a tree with his arms, hands, legs, and feet all pulled out of sockets.

The legend is that in the daytime the slender man will most likely show up in open areas with trees to the side of an open, empty road, or in the woods or any area filled with trees. Most reports from survivors of the slender man say at night he shows up in open windows, dark open rooms, blank TV screens, and in large crowds of people. The slender man only kills kids younger then 16. There are ways to toy with him, but you may be risking your own death. His arms, legs, fingers, and toes will stretch so that he is up to 34 feet tall with a bone breaking sound. If he appears to you, turn away! He has the power to control your body. When you wake up, you will be tied up laying down in the woods where he was killed. A 547 pound log will be hanging over your head. He will ask you a question. If you get the answer right, he will break both your arms and legs. If you get it wrong he will slowly stick his fingers down your neck and pulls out you heart.


I was walking home at 11:34pm with my mates and as we walked one of us got a feeling that someone was following us. We had to go through the woods to get to my house. My friends continued to worry but we kept going until my friend slowed and turned to take a picture of whatever was making the noise behind us. The flash revealed a tall, many limbed figure standing close by watching us. We started to run and I was the only one from the group who made it home.

I was walking home when I saw a strange shape near the woods. Being more curious than smart, I went in a little deeper to find what it was. I saw the tip of a mans fingers and as i looked behind a tree, I saw a man in the suit with skinny, multiple, limbs coming out of his back. I started to run, but his outstretched arms made me feel welcome. I started to step towards him, when I heard a scream and saw my little sister watching. I ran off with her and every time i go near the woods alone, I see the tip of a mans hand.

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