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The Top Five Robberies in World History

The greatest and, if executed properly, most rewarding thefts in the history of crime.

  1. Diamond Cargo

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    In 2005, February, two men stole a 110 million dollars diamond cargo. The two criminals walked into the Amsterdam Airport, found the diamond truck and surrendered the drivers and the truck security. They got the truck and drove away from the airport.

    The diamonds never have been found. The police arrested 5 suspects of being part of the gang responsible for the robbery, but got no conclusive information. Dutch police still investigates the crime.

  2. Van Gogh Paintings

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    That was certainly the greatest art robbery in the world history. It happened in April 14th, 1991, also in Amsterdam (like me, do you believe that Amsterdam should hire new cops?), in the Van Gogh Museum. The thieves stole 20 Van Gogh original paintings evaluated in 1 billion dollars altogether.

    This time the thieves didn’t get lucky (Congratulations to the Amsterdam Police). The cops found all the paintings, 30 minutes after the crime, in an abandoned car near the museum. No one ever found out who were the thieves.

  3. Bank

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    The greatest bank robbery in the world history happened in 1987. Two criminals placed a “CLOSED” sign in front of the Knightsbridge Safe Deposit in London, walked in, and took something like 235 million dollars. Well… destiny punishes greedy robbers, and in fact, the thieves were arrested sometime later during another robbery.

    Honestly… They had already stolen 235 million; why did they need more? They wanted to build a money-house, or something like that? Some people just don’t know when to stop.

  4. Jewelry

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    This crime happened in Antwerp, Belgium. It was in February, 2003. During a weekend, 123 vaults of the Antwerp Diamond Center were completely emptied, and the authorities just realized the theft in the Monday. The damage was something like 60 million dollars.

    The criminals and the jewels were never found, and that was the greatest jewelry robbery in the world history.

  5. Priceless

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    It was 1911, August, in the Louvre Museum. The Museum was closed for visitation under the excuse of cleaning the place, and one of the janitors seized the opportunity to do the unthinkable. He removed Mona Lisa from the frame and took it home. Believe or not, he tried to sell it for the ridiculous amount of 95 thousand dollars. The Police got him and justice sentenced him to one year in prison.

    The best thing about this story, beyond the laughable price he put on Mona Lisa, was the excuse he told justice. He said he stole the painting because he wanted to return Mona Lisa to Italy. Well… and I believe that the 95 thousand was the shipping fee, right?

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