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The Wonderland Murders

Article about John Holmes and his part in the gruesome murders at 8763 Wonderland Ave.

WARNING-  the videos of this crime scene are extremely graphic, bloody, and disturbing. Not for the faint of heart.

The Wonderland murders or Four on the Floor murders occurred on July1, 1981. Four people were bludgeoned to death in their sleep at 8763 Wonderland Ave. Joy Audrey Miller. Billy DeVerell. Ronald Launius. Barbara Richardson. The police were so disturbed by the amounts of blood found at the Wonderland crime scene they video taped it as evidence. It was the first time in American history that a video record of a murder scene was admitted as evidence in criminal trial.

John Holmes disputed his involvement in the actual crime. Although, he was responsible for the two groups having anything to do with one another. He was a friend of Eddie Nash, club owner and the man who ordered the hit on the Wonderland home. Being in debt to his friends at Wonderland he drew them a map and left a sliding glass door open at Nash’s home for them to sneak in and commit their robbery of Nash as a way of paying them back. As soon as Nash found out of Holmes’involvement he ordered Holmes to tell what he knew and reveal the identity of his friends at Wonderland. He and, or his goons forced Holmes to go with them to 8763 Wonderland Ave. on the night of July 1, 1981. By most accounts they made Holmes watch as his goons exacted their revenge upon his friends. The police did find a bloody hand print at the scene that belonged to Holmes.


The crime scene footage is extremely graphic and bloody. It shows that the movie, Wonderland that came out in 2003 is a very close depiction of what actually happened on that fateful night.

Boogie Nights is a loosely based story of the rise and fall of John Holmes with Mark Wahlberg playing the self-confessed porn king. It tells a slightly different version of the events, but is more entertaining and flashy than Wonderland.

John Holmes died in the V.A. Hospital in Sepulveda, California March 13th, 1988. He was 43 years old.

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